Ernest Khachaturyan



Phone + 998 93 511 0555


Ernest Khachaturyan is a Founding Partner of Ingarde Legal with strong experience in complex commercial and corporate dispute resolution cases and arbitration proceedings.

Ernest obtained his law degree with a specialization in commercial law from the Westminster International University in Tashkent and currently regularly assists local and foreign companies, as well as financial and investment institutions in a wide range of related matters, helping them in developing relevant dispute resolution strategies and participating in litigation and arbitration procedures

During his career, Ernest has successfully assisted various companies from Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, and other countries, including in the collection of large debts, settlement of disputes on letters of credit, as well as the recognition and enforcement of decisions (awards) of foreign courts and arbitrations in Uzbekistan.

Pratice Areas

  • Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • International Arbitration and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements
  • Bankruptcy and Liquidation Proceedings
  • Corporate Law and Corporate Governance